About Us

Poetrymagic.co.uk is a small publishing company exploiting the new possibilities of the internet and electronic publishing to produce independent specialist guides of a literary nature.


Website and forthcoming productions have a practical purpose. They show you why certain considerations matter, and how to make them count in your own work. Our authors go to the heart of sometimes difficult matters, and have the luxury of an independent view, not being affiliated to any poetry movement, academic institution or mainstream publisher.

In fact they tell you a good deal more than you’ll find anywhere else, in book, magazine or electronic form. Beginners may find some of this bewildering, but we hope that veterans of the poetry circuit – those who run workshops, have collections to their credit, etc. – will grasp its importance. Behind the statements lies a good deal of documented research, which is not published here. What we give on this website is terse, and no doubt over-categorical, but bear with us. To everything we say there are exceptions, qualifications and areas of application, but it’s usually better to get the fundamentals straight before staking out ground on the far side of the rules.

Staying Current

We try to remain up to date, but cannot visit every poetry website on a regular basis. Please let us know

– important sites we have missed.

– links to sites that have moved or closed down.

– sites which no longer seem worthy of inclusion.


C. John Holcombe enjoyed a long career in research and publishing, and now undertakes occasional IT assignments. Until recently he was Chairman of the Westminster-based Phoenix Poets, a successful writing circle of poets, novelists and journalists that dates back to the 1930s. He has published widely in the UK small presses, run workshops and acted as editor in various poetry anthologies.

Patricia Contreras Torres is a Chilean painter exhibiting at leading galleries in London and the provinces. She brings a wider perspective to matters of aesthetic and literary interest.


We are always pleased to hear from its readers. A handy questionnaire is provided on the site, but emails with suggestions and comments will be acknowledged as time permits.